Review Process


            The Lighthouse Refereed Online Journal (TLROJ) deeply values research scholarship and integrity from research preparation to research publication. With this commitment, TLROJ stands in good faith that a submitting author holds accountability in preparing the research paper which will be subjected to evaluation of blind reviewers and editorial board members.

            Specifically, the following consist the review process and provisions of The Lighthouse Refereed Online Journal:

  1. Submitter will send the soft copy of a research article following the format and contents required by the publishing journal. The review process should not be used as a means to gather comments from the journal’s reviewers at the beginning of research development.


  1. Submitter should ensure that a research paper forwarded to TLROJ for blind review has not been simultaneously sent, accepted or published in any journal elsewhere whether print or online.


  1. Submitted research article will be processed using Turnitin software that checks originality of the paper and detects possible plagiarism. The journal allows a similarity index of less than 15%. Papers which will not meet this early standard mechanism check will not be considered for further review process.


  1. Initial checking of submitted articles will be performed by the editors who will assess the paper’s originality, scientific soundness, and message conveyed. Failure to meet these criteria means rejection of the paper submitted.


  1. Accepted manuscripts will be duly acknowledged and communication to author/s for the acceptance of research paper for blind review will be secured.


  1. Acknowledged papers will be sent to two or more expert reviewers based on the double-blind review process. A member of the editorial board will also have a copy of each research article and will give the final decision as to the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript vis-à-vis the comments of the blind reviewers.
  2. After 2 to 4 weeks of acceptance message for blind review, the sending author will be informed whether the paper has been accepted or rejected for publication with the corresponding reviewers’ comments on the paper.


  1. Accepted papers will go through copyediting to ensure syntax, mechanics and format correctness. Copyedited manuscript will be sent to the primary contributor who needs to return the revised manuscript within five days. No corrections will be accepted after this deadline.



            The Lighthouse Refereed Online Journal (TLROJ) of the University of Perpetual Help System aims at providing an online platform for the research community of scholars and academicians who intend for research publication in a refereed or peer-reviewed journal. With this end, it ensures to provide competent and credible quality assurance mechanisms in reviewing and publishing research papers through adherence to strict and ethical standards of research policy and productivity. Guided by this principle, authors are strongly encouraged to stand committed and competent in exemplifying integrity, scholarship, and professionalism in creating and sustaining an excellent research culture through expanding network and linkages to national and international research community through quality peer-reviewed research works.


Publication Practice

            Submitting author should ensure that a research article subjected to double-blind review in this journal has not been accepted, reviewed, or published elsewhere. A declaration of originality of research article has to be made explicitly clear by the submitting author to ensure that the submitted article has not been accepted, reviewed or published yet in other journals.

TLROJ, in strongest sense, boldly denounces copying of a research work without giving due citation or acknowledgment to actual author to appear that it is one’s own work. This clearly goes against the strict ethical and professional practice of research publication that will lead to the automatic rejection of the submitted paper that violates trustworthiness and credibility measures.